Friday, February 3, 2012

Holden Beach North Carolina

Holden Beach, North Carolina.Outskirts of Holden Beach
Known as one of the top family beaches in the US, Holden Beach is a quiet and peaceful beach nestled near the border of North and South Carolina.  The town of Holden Beach borders the beach from behind is located  behind the Beach, and is a relatively small town considering it lies between the larger city of Wilmington and the tourist trap known as Myrtle Beach.

Throughout the summer, this town is bustling with out of town visitors and beach goers.  During the rest of the season, the area is mostly quiet with only 787 residents in 379 households. To see how the beach looks like at this very moment, take a look at the Holden Beach Cam.

The Holden Beach Waterfront Community can be a bit hard to come by even in a sluggish real estate market. The location has always been in higher demand, and there is not as much new home construction taking place at the moment.  There are many  Holden beach homes that have been around for ages and are gorgeous. There are some real estate companies that specialize specifically in Holden Beach real estate. If you're only looking to stay in the area temporarily, or are looking for a place to vacation, take a look at some Holden Beach Rentals.

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