Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunset Beach North Carolina

Sunset on Hilton Head Island, December 28, 2006Image via WikipediaHow can you not like a place called Sunset Beach? This beach town sits a mile away from the border of South Carolina, and is known as a popular spot for travelers looking to spend a day on the beach, but want to get away from the Myrtle Beach crowd. If you're ever visiting the Sunset Beach North Carolina, here are a few things to consider partaking in:

Bird Island State Reserve: Bordering Sunset Beach, this state park is perfect for bird watchers and those who want to get away from the crowds. If you wake up early enough, this is a great place to go shell hunting.

Gift Shops: Just a quick walk from the beach, there is a great collection of gift shops in the town. One includes the Ocean Isle Fishing Center, which has all sorts of fishing supply needs as well as experts who love to talk to visitors about how to be a better fishermen.

Restaurants: A beach town would not be complete without some great restaurants and Sunset Beach doesn't disappoint. Magnolias is a great place to grab breakfast or lunch. One of the top local dining places is the Sea Trail Plantation, which is great for both a casual lunch or a classy dinner.

Like many of its neighboring towns, Sunset Beach has a great deal of rentals available during the summer. If you are looking at Sunset Beach real estate so you can live there full time, there are several spots to consider. Sunset Harbor real estate is always in high demand for its ideal location and proximity the the beach. Carolina Shores is a less expensive option as it is a bit further inland, but it is a nice town to have easy access to. There are several neighboring towns if you are having difficulty finding the right place including Calabash real estate.

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