Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Languedoc Southern France

Vinyard nr Perpignan, Languedoc region, France...Image via WikipediaI have a friend that recently returned from a tour of Europe, and one of her favorite places she visited was the Langedoc region of Southern France. I had heard of the region before, and if I ever have the opportunity to travel Europe it is a top place on my list to see.

The area is best known for two things, wine and coast. The region's topography is incredibly unique and the area produces a third of France's wine. The coastline along the Mediterranean Sea is gorgeous and in many areas is completely undeveloped.

The area has high international demand, and is considered one of the most luxurious locations to live in all of the world. If you are adventurous and are looking for an estate agent in the Languedoc Southern France region, then you certainly will want to locate the right agent who can speak your language. Luckily, Google is quite good at translating languages on websites so you can at least find where the contact information is on the website.

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