Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Traveling the Swiss Alps

Deutsch: Uinaschlucht, Schweizer Alpen English...Image via WikipediaWhether you are an avid skiier looking for the a new thrill or a summertime hiker looking for natural beauty, the Swiss Alps are on of the top destinations to visit. Here are a few top destinations within the Swiss Alps region so you can start planning your next visit.

Hang Gliding
There are very few locations that are suitable for hang gliding and the Swiss Alps are one of them. It doesn't matter if you are a pro or have no experience. It's an activity suitable for anyone, assuming you don't have an intense fear of heights!

Visit Dufourspitze 
The highest peak in the Swiss Alps is also one of the iconic images of the country. Visible from many locations and countries, this is certainly a sight worth seeing.

Guided Tours
Sometimes its best to let someone else do all the work for you. There are many guided tours available that make stops at all the big attractions around Switzerland, and there are many that are specific for skiing or hiking.

If you're actually starting to plan a trips for the Alps, you don't want to spend all your time in the hotel room. That's why I would recommend staying in hostels. If you're looking for a quality hostel in the heart of the Swiss Alps, I know a place called the Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof.  There are many cities to visit, including Berne, Lausanne, Lugano and Interlaken. I know of an Interlaken Hostel, but you will have to do your own research for hostels in other cities.

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