Monday, April 16, 2012

Log Siding Cabins, My Dream Home

Log Cabin - Camp PetosegaLog Cabin - Camp Petosega (Photo credit: Odalaigh)This coming winter I want to get away for a weekend of skiing and snowshoeing, and as I was looking through various places to stay, I started noticing a strong trend. All the lodges and houses that were available to stay in are log cabins. I was curious about why this is the way it is, so I did some research and found a little bit more about log cabins.

Log siding cabins have been built for thousands of years all throughout Europe. That became a common style throughout the United States, as European settlers brought over their methods of building homes with the only material that was readily available to them; trees. When built correctly, log cabins can be very warm and comfortable throughout the winter, and can include windows, fireplaces and stoves.

Today, log cabins are still very popular, as they blend in very well with their surrounding environment and offer a great look both inside and outside. I hope to enjoy my winter trip in a log cabin soon, I suggest you look into doing something similar as well!


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  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Log cabin siding is just what it sounds like - your home is just as it is, but the siding is such that your home now looks like a log cabin. Nice!

  5. I do believe that home siding is probably one of the structural things that is most often noticed by most people, whether they are simply passing by or house guests. This is why more and more people are deciding on improving their siding for the hopes of improving and taking the overall appearance of their homes to the next level.

  6. Log cabin siding is an idea that isn't so very new, but it is new to some. I like how log siding offers a romantic appearance of a log home, and in truth, to a sizeable extent, it really is a conversion from a conventionally built modern home to that of a log-built structure, because there is a degree of added strength involved - a fortification of the main structure of your house.