Tuesday, May 1, 2012

California City Real Estate

Paradise Valley in Kings Canyon National Park
Paradise Valley in Kings Canyon National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's a cold one up here in Oregon today, and on days like today I wonder why I'm spending my spring in a place so chilly. Today's featured location is a place a bit warmer in the great state of California. California is home to many of the top tourism attractions in the world, and is home to great beaches, warm sunny weather and lots and lots of people. If you want to live near all those great things minus the crowds, then take a look at California City. Located northeast of Los Angelos, California City is the largest city in a fairly rural area. The city is surrounded by national parks, with Kings Canyon and Death Valley to the North, and Los Padros and Angeles to the South.
The open expanses and natural terrain of the area make it a great place to watch any sunrise or sunset. Because it is a fairly dry area, days can be hot and nights can be cold, but braving through both is well worth the natural beauty of the area.
If you're looking to relocate, there are several great California City real estate companies. This one offers affordable California real estate, homes, land, commercial, industrial and income properties for sale or rent in the area.


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