Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mexico's Yucatan Mayan Beach

Costa Maya Bacalar and Yucatan beachfront.
Costa Maya Bacalar and Yucatan beachfront. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm dreaming of beaches today in far away places, so why not write about the beautiful Yucatan peninsula. Known for their beautiful white sandy beaches, gorgeous sunrises, and bright sunny skies, it's hard not to call the region paradise.
One of the more popular regions on the peninsula is the Costa Maya area, which is relatively close to the border of Belize. The area is quite open to tourism and has great amenities, while also providing the seclusion and natural feel desired by anyone looking for a place to get away for a while. Things can get a little crazy if a cruise ship is in town, and the area can be overrun for a day with tourists looking to buy local souvenirs and tan out in the sun for a few hours before heading back for the boat.
If you're looking for a place to rent out for your vacation down there, there are plenty of rentals available. Mayan Beach vacation rentals has both homes and hotel B&B rooms available. Mahahual (and the Costa Maya) is a new upcoming vacation area with less than 400 rooms, so make sure you book yours in advance because they tend to fill up pretty quickly, especially around holiday and spring break periods. This is especially more difficult with larger parties as many of the rentals are bed and breakfast houses owned by families.

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