Monday, January 14, 2013

Benefits of Faux Log Siding

Faux log siding offers many benefits that are simply not offered by actual log siding or by other traditional types of siding. Real wooden siding or logs will generally not last a very long time; however, faux log siding usually lasts a very long time, and it is exceptionally durable in all weather conditions and climates. Faux log siding is generally two to three times thicker than vinyl siding, and its increased thickness is one of the features that makes it much higher quality than vinyl siding.

Increased Wall Coverage

Faux log siding usually offers increased wall coverage for homes. The wall coverage is a great feature that many owners of homes with faux log siding talk about as being one of their favorite features.

It Looks Like Real Wood

Faux log siding truly looks like real wood. After seeing a home with faux log siding, people many be very surprised to learn that it's not actually real wood. The beautiful, rustic features of faux log siding make it look like real wood that has been specially cut and finished just for the home.

Made Of Superb Material

Faux log siding is generally made of fiber cement. Fiber cement is a material with better durability than many other materials that most contractors use for siding.

This material is strong, and it has been shown to last a very long time in all elements. Even after many years of being on a home, the color or the finish of the faux log siding won't lose its tone or its hue, and it will look brand new many years after it has been installed.

Fiber concrete will not burn, and it will not settle over a long period of time. Despite certain conditions, it will also not warp or begin to twist over a period time.

Easy And Quick Installation

It doesn't take a long time to install faux log siding, and the installation process is usually quick. The easy and fast installation of faux log siding makes it simple for anyone to get started putting faux log siding on their home.

Superb Texture And Feel

Faux log siding has an exceptional texture and feel. The texture and feel of faux log siding is even better than that of real wooden logs, and the quality can easily be felt when touching faux log siding.

High Level Of Versatility

Faux log siding can be used both indoors and outdoors, and many homeowners use it for both the interior and the exterior of their homes.

There are many benefits and advantages to using faux log siding. Some of these include increased wall coverage, the fact that it looks like real wood, the superb material that it is made out of, easy and quick installation, a superb texture and feel as well as a high level of versatility.

Although faux log siding has pluses, some people still prefer real log siding. If you fall into that category, consider checking out Michigan Cedar Products, a manufacturer and supplier of white cedar siding and paneling. Click here to view their products. 

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  1. I have to admit that I fall into that category of wanting the cedar log siding look. I think it also lasts longer too, yeah.