Monday, April 14, 2014

How to Prepare Your Home for Spring and Summer

Now that winter is over and you can leave the house without layers and layers of clothing on you, it’s time to prepare the house for the warmer seasons. As a yearly routine, it helps to identify what little or big damages winter has cast upon any part of the house. Even if you live in a place that’s sunny all-year round like Florida, the summer months can expose your house to grueling moisture and heat. So before the damage gets any bigger and costs you more, do these simple tips on how to prepare your home for spring and summer.

Ensure that the roof and gutters are in good shape.

Months and months of snow and ice could have poked some holes on your roof. Check that the roof is still well-maintained to avoid leaks. Gutters should also be clean and be able to do its job of draining water effectively to help maintain your yard. Water should be kept away from your house as much as possible or else it might give your basement flooding problems.

Clean the ventilation system.

Now that you will be using more of your air conditioner, make sure that the ventilation system is free of clogs and other foreign objects. This will keep your house cooler without driving up your electricity bills. If something isn’t working properly, have it checked out by a professional. Address any problems as early as you can because you’re going to need your cool air when summer kicks in.

Protect the floors.

As mentioned, summer is always accompanied by moisture and heat and these can put a toll on your house. Old and vulnerable floors should be replaced or refinished. To prolong the life of your floor, apply a protective layer over it. Talk to a flooring professional on how you can best prepare your floors for the coming summer. If you need help figuring out the type of flooring material and style to use for your home, read the Floor Buying Guide provided by Carolina Flooring Services from North Charleston, SC.

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