Thursday, March 8, 2012

A House Is A Tool To Live The Life You Want

You don't buy a vacuum cleaner because you want a vacuum cleaner. You buy a vacuum cleaner because you want clean carpets. The difference is subtle but important.

It's the same with money. You don't want a million dollars because you want a million dollars. You want a million dollars, because with a million dollar you could... [insert whatever it is you would do or feel with a million dollars].

It's the same with houses. A house is simply a tool to live the life you want.

Sometimes what you really want isn't in the price range you are looking for, or in the town you are looking in, or it's bigger or smaller than the houses you are looking at. Or it's a condo when you've been looking at single family homes, or the other way round.

The house you buy will influence your life for years to come. It's worth asking yourself "what sort of lifestyle do I want?" before blindly seeing houses just hoping something jumps out at you.

Do you want to be the location for the family Thanksgiving Dinner? Look for a house with a decent sized kitchen and dining room. Never want the kids to try and move back in with you ever again? One bedroom townhouse for the win. Desperate to get in shape, but no local gym and winters are brutal where you live? The finished basement with room for the exercise equipment is an option.

I'll say it again...

A house is simply a tool to live the life you want.

This post was written by Athol Kay, and was originally featured here.

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